In the 10 years that I’ve known Richard, he has proven to be not only a loyal friend, but a dependable business partner as well. Richard’s expertise and skill in the business-owning field have allowed us to work together on numerous projects, all of which have furthered my respect for him. I am particularly invested in our joint efforts to help improve and extend more opportunities to the Latino small business community, and have personally watched his own mortgage firm grow from the beginning to the success it is today. Richard Goble is the man that I trust as a friend, business partner, and Congressman to represent me and my family in our district.

Dr. Santiago Fallon

During the years that I have worked alongside Mr. Richard Goble, he has consistently maintained relationships with myself and our business partners that have been nothing less than professional and respectable. As a former FannieMae Senior Manager, Director, and Vice President during my 25-year tenure, I am on the Board of Directors for his firm, Reliable Mortgages. My time working with him has allowed me to get to know the business savvy, strategically goal-oriented, fiscally prudent, competent, and brilliant leader that Richard Goble is. His knowledge of the economic world, and the needs of our community, and our country, are what I believe to be the exact qualifications that Congressional District 7 needs to represent us effectively. I truly and humbly believe that Richard Goble has exactly what it takes to win this election and to begin making our district a better place in our beloved State of Florida and the US of A.

Nitin Dave