What are your views on gun control?


I firmly believe the Constitutional language that states that Americans have the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” in every sense and that the government shall not infringe, interfere or revoke those rights. I also support Congressman Matt Gaetz’s efforts to pass a Federal law allowing National Reciprocity on CCWs between all 50 states. I think the language used by Beto O’Rourke to confiscate weapons is very dangerous. I don’t believe “assault style” weapons should be banned. They operate just like a hunting rifle. Just because they look mean doesn’t constitute that they should be banned. Floridians should have to right to protect themselves and their families without the government telling them otherwise.


Are you Pro-Life?


I 100% believe in the right to life. I also support defunding Planned Parenthood and other organizations which use taxpayer dollars to lobby the Federal Government for their own agendas. Americans should not be forced to fund abortions. I would further support legislation under the 14th Amendment which would restore legal protection for unborn children. It guarantees that no state shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”


What are your thoughts about Immigration and building a Wall along the Mexican border?


I believe in legal immigration and do not agree with those who cut in line in front of others who have patiently waited for years and years and have paid thousands of dollars to come to America the legal way. They are the ones who are a priority in immigration. I believe strongly in keeping our borders strong and safe, all of them, especially our southern border. If we want to be serious about stopping human trafficking, drugs and violent gangs crossing into our country we have to build that wall. Pretending it’s not a problem is very bad for our country. Let’s Build That Wall!


What would you do to help the Health Care issues/crisis and runaway prescription drug prices?


I believe that the Affordable Healthcare Act isn’t so affordable. We need to deregulate healthcare so that there is more competition between insurance companies. Additionally, I believe in removing the barriers between states. If more insurance companies have to compete across state lines, I believe the cost of healthcare premiums will drop. I also believe we need to reign in drug costs. The President has proposed solutions on drug prices and I stand behind him on that going forward. He also wants to end the “Pharmacist Gag Rule” which punishes Pharmacists who instruct patients on how to save money drug prices. There are trade rules in which people in other countries outside can buy the same drugs in the same packaging at pennies on the dollar. That is un-American and unacceptable.


What are your thoughts on Global Climate Change?


There is evidence on both sides, but there is overwhelming evidence that shows that the environmental extremists like Al Gore and Ted Danson have been wrong, very wrong. I believe in taking precautions where we can while balancing a growing economy. I don’t believe in killing jobs by implementing extreme environmental policies which haven’t been shown to work.


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